ColdGuard® forms a protective barrier in the mouth and throat,
reducing the viral load by up to 99 %¹

Definition of Common Cold

The common cold is one of the most frequently occurring contagious illnesses. It is an acute viral upper respiratory tract infection caused by many different viruses that enter the mucous membranes, primarily those of the nose and throat.

ColdGuard®, the unique product that:


In case of symptoms
  • Reduces the viral load by up to 99 % ¹
  • Can help shorten duration of a cold by half ¹
  • Alleviates symptoms of a common cold and soothes sore throat
  • Fast onset of action
  • Easy to use
Corona Virus Protection


No symptoms, but exposure to virus
  • Protects against common cold
  • Fast onset of action
  • Easy to use

How ColdGuard® works

  • ColdGuard® Oral Spray is a unique product that fights the cause of the common cold by forming a protective barrier against the common cold viruses. The ColdGuard® barrier consists of two ingredients that together provide the main effective result – Glycerol and Cod Trypsin.
    Traps: Glycerol creates an osmotically active barrier that traps viruses.
    Deactivates: Trypsin inhibits the viruses’ ability to bond, deactivating their ability to infect cells.
    Protects: The ColdGuard® barrier protects the oral cavity and throat.
    The ColdGuard® barrier protects the mouth and throat, helping the body to remove deactivated viruses in a natural way.
  • ColdGuard® is clinically documented that it can shorten the duration of illness if used protectively.¹
  • ColdGuard® is used in the oral cavity and throat, where the cold virus takes hold and multiplies.
  • ColdGuard® is easy to use and begins working immediately by forming a protective barrier.

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