ColdGuard® Oral Spray

The common cold is one of the most frequently occurring contagious illnesses and is known to be a heterogeneous group of diseases caused by numerous viruses. Rhinovirus accounts for most cases of common cold, followed by influenza virus, human coronavirus, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), parainfluenza and adenovirus.

It is caused by a virus that enters the cells of the mucous membranes, primarily those of the nose, oral cavity and throat. Common symptoms include a runny or stuffy nose and sore throat. Symptoms may also include a mild cough and headache with fever. An ordinary cold usually lasts for fewer than ten days and, on average, people have two to four colds per year. Children are the group who catch colds most often – 5 to 10 colds per year – but this frequency declines with age.

Since the common cold viruses mutate frequently it would be beneficial to design treatments that act topically on the surface of the oropharynx through unspecific mechanisms to protect the mucous lining from viral invasion. ColdGuard® has been clinically proven to do precisely this.¹

ColdGuard cold and flu oral spray

ColdGuard® acts against the cold virus

ColdGuard® is a unique product that fights against the cause of the common cold – cold virus. ColdGuard® is easy to use and works by forming a protective barrier on the mucous membrane of the mouth and throat, making it more difficult for the cold virus to cause illness. ColdGuard®, used protectively, can help shorten the duration of a cold, by acting on the cold virus itself instead of just helping to relieve the symptoms.

Clinically proven for the whole family

ColdGuard® is a CE-marked medical device.

ColdGuard® has a local, short-acting effect on the surface of the mucous membrane in your mouth and throat and can be used by adults and children age 4 and up. Over 3,5 million products have been used so far. Its performance and safety have been verified through clinical studies and customer surveys.³

ColdGuard® contains Cod Trypsin, a protective enzyme from the Arctic Ocean

In the 1970s, Professor Jon Bragi Bjarnason, an Icelandic scientist, noticed that employees of a fish-cleaning plant had unusually soft and healthy hands. Considering that they cleaned fish all day, it seemed more logical for their hands to be full of cracks and cuts instead. Was there something in the fish that had a protective effect? The answer was yes. The research team was able to show that certain cold-adapted marine organisms contained an enzyme with good protective properties. Further research and development eventually led to a global patent on the marine enzyme – cod-adapted trypsin. The enzyme is extracted as a by-product of cod processing and thus does not put a load on the marine ecosystem.

The Swedish biotech company Enzymatica was founded in 2007 and acquired global rights to develop and sell products that contain the marine enzyme.

Cod Trypsin

How to use ColdGuard® to help shorten the duration of a common cold

How to use ColdGuard Oral Spray

Start using ColdGuard® Oral Spray as soon as possible after noticing symptoms of a common cold. Continue to use it until the symptoms are relieved.

  1. Open your mouth and point the nozzle towards your throat.
  2. Press the pump and spray 2 times (1 dose) every two hours up to 6 times a day.

How to Use ColdGuard® to prevent a common cold

How ColdGuard Can Help Prevent Catching The Common Cold

If you do not have any symptoms of a common cold but are likely to be exposed to the common cold virus, for example when someone near you has a cold or if you are in a contagious environment such as a train or plane, or in an open plan office.

  1. Open your mouth and point the nozzle towards your throat.
  2. Press down the pump and spray 2 times (1 dose) every two hours up to 6 times daily while you are exposed to cold virus.

Product information

Glycerol, water, cod trypsin, ethanol (<1 %), calcium chloride, trometamol and menthol. Contains no sugar or preservatives.

ColdGuard® should be stored at or below 25°C. Do not use after the expiry date printed on the product label and the pack.


  • Do not use ColdGuard® if you are hypersensitive/allergic to any of the ingredients.
  • Do not use the product during pregnancy or breastfeeding, as there is no clinical information available.
  • Do not use the product after surgical intervention in mouth and/or throat until wound is healed, without consulting a healthcare professional.
  • Do not inhale when applying the spray as it may cause irritation of the airways, resulting in cough and hoarseness.
  • Keep out of reach of children, to prevent accidents with small parts.
  • Consult a healthcare professional if you have a high fever or if your symptoms are more severe than those of a normal common cold; they could be due to something else.
  • To avoid spread of disease, the product should only be used by one user.
  • For optimal effect, do not eat or drink within 20 minutes after use.
  • Do not use if package is damaged or opened.

For further information refer to ColdGuard® Oral Spray instructions for use.

Frequently asked questions about ColdGuard®

Against what illnesses can ColdGuard® Mouth Spray protect?
ColdGuard® is intended to be used to fight the common cold, by providing a protective barrier in the throat that absorbs the cold virus so the active enzyme can then act on the virus directly.

How do you use ColdGuard®?
Point the nozzle towards the throat and spray 2 times (1 dose) every two hours to help protect against infection or until the symptoms are gone.

Can anyone use ColdGuard®?
ColdGuard® Oral Spray can be used by adults and children from the age of 4 years, provided they are not hypersensitive/allergic to any of the ingredients.

How does ColdGuard® work?
ColdGuard® works by creating a protective barrier on the mucous membrane in the oral cavity and throat. The barrier reduces the ability of the virus to bind to the cells in the mucous membrane and cause illness.

Is ColdGuard® a medicine?
No. ColdGuard® is a CE-marked medical device that works by creating a temporary, local, protective barrier on the surface of the mucous membrane in the oral cavity and throat. Unlike medicines, it has no pharmacological, metabolic or immunological effect.

Can ColdGuard® be used if pregnant or breastfeeding?
No clinical studies have been conducted on the use of ColdGuard® during pregnancy and breastfeeding, so always consult a healthcare professional before use.